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Oxygen is specialized in e-governance, guaranteeing the security of corporate data. With three decades of experience and a team of 25 experts, Oxygen deploys the technological infrastructures needed to optimize the efficiency of your organization and your employees.

Transform your business into a powerful vessel, sailing serenely through the skies, reaching its destination with remarkable efficiency. At Oxygen, we’re your faithful co-pilot, anticipating any potential turbulence, ensuring your system’s unrivalled performance and charting an unfailing course against feared cyber-attacks. All this, of course, without ever losing sight of the comfort and safety of your passengers.

If your IT infrastructure feels threatened and overwhelmed by the rising tide of cyberattacks, if your finances are under pressure from the data explosion, if the complexity of information systems and new data regulations are making your head spin, or if you’re looking for data security that’s fit for the digital world on the move, look no further. Oxygen takes care of your data, ensuring its security and quality at every stage of your journey to success.

Our vision

Our vision:
The three key axes
of our approach



The art of understanding your digital environment. We begin by delving into your digital universe to unearth the source of your data and decipher your company’s unique data protection needs. Once we’ve identified these crucial elements, our team undertakes an in-depth analysis to assess the potential risks and threats that could arise at any time. Our top priority is to provide you with a trouble-free journey, minimizing risks and eliminating complications.


Building a fort for safety. Complementing our risk analysis, we review your company’s IT structure. This essential step enables us to define precise objectives and integrate a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets your needs. With us, customization is key, ensuring that the ideal IT structure is in place to maximize the security of your data.


Keeping you on course. Security doesn’t stop with implementation. We’re here to support you over the long term, building a solid relationship that guarantees ongoing, enhanced security for your data. Our aim is to ensure that your journey runs smoothly, preventing any potential threat of cyber-attack. With us, your business will sail safely into a worry-free digital future.