Enter the cockpit of your data governance


Good data governance allows you to tip the scales in the right direction so you can get the most out of your data, while reducing the associated risks.

Data today

In the vast digital world, where your precious data resides in all its fragility, dreadful challenges arise that threaten to turn everything upside down. Cyber attacks have become a recurring nightmare for businesses. In this tumultuous digital world, a judicious investment in e-governance technologies is the infallible shield that guarantees the preservation of your data and the continuity of your financial success.
At Oxygen, our mission is to be your ultimate protector in this perilous digital journey. Driven by an innovative vision of e-governance, we are solemnly committed to securing your data with unrivalled efficiency throughout your journey. With us by your side, peace of mind is your ally, and the security of your data is our priority.

Challenges for companies

In today’s digital world, your data is more precious than ever. It’s the very essence of your business, but unfortunately it’s under constant threat from growing cyber attacks.
At Oxygen, we understand the importance of protecting your treasure. Our mission is to offer you unrivalled protection, so that your business can thrive with peace of mind towards its ultimate goal.

We guarantee the security of your data through five key objectives based on an in-depth analysis of your digital environment. We start with a comprehensive scan to identify all potential risks and threats to your business. Then, we provide you with tailor-made solutions to ensure smooth sailing.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We constantly monitor your environment, so you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your data is in safe hands. Sit back, relax and enjoy high-level data protection with confidence.
At Oxygen, we turn threats into opportunities for your business. Trust us to keep your treasure safe.

Enter the cockpit with Oxygen

We take off with you and guide you throughout the journey to help you take the best route.

Analysis – Reporting : Save time with predefi ned and ready-to-use reports. Prove to your management and other control bodies that you are in control and track events at the device, network and access levels.

Data management : Gain insight and securely remove redundant and superfluous information for better organization. Improve employee productivity while optimizing data management and storage costs.

Data Collection and Integration :
Maintain system performance by referencing your data without the need for intrusive systems. Extend your visibility by easily integrating other data and viewing an audit trail from a single location.

Organization : By managing the rights and accesses of your qualifi ed and secured data, you ensure the most efficient organization for your company. You control the constant growth of your data by managing its storage, safekeeping and access.

Control : Get visibility at all times of the activity on your system and receive alerts in case of incident. You are in control of your entire infrastructure and can even anticipate any catastrophe due to erroneous or malicious action. Keep the biggest challenge of your digital transformation under control.

Business processes : Adapt your infrastructure and dashboard to your business processes, not the other way around. Set up your tools to make work easier and to optimize your productivity and that of your entire company. Modeling your processes and agility becomes the strength of your company.

Data security : Identify sensitive data and reduce its exposition. Ensure secure storage with risk-appropriate access controls to minimize the likelihood of breach or intrusion.

Data Quality : Ensure high data quality by controlling multiple data classification criteria. Set the quality level you want to achieve, and judge its relevance at a glance.

Business value : By ensuring the security and quality of your data, you create value for your business. You ensure that all content available to your employees and customers is always current, of high quality and fully secure.

It only takes one opportunity for hackers to bring you down. On your end, a single oversight
can severely shorten your journey, and over a long period of time !

Why trust us?

  • Through our experience, we have developed a know-how and proven methods for data governance
  • We are involved at each step to ensure the success of the actions taken
  • We bring the critical vision necessary to the qualifi cation of your data, because they do not all have the same value
  • We ensure data control through reporting, often considered as the weakest point, which nevertheless highlights data problems
  • We offer reliability and a complete package that makes the most of new technologies and analytical solutions.
  • Our crew is qualifi ed to develop confidence in your data governance, creating a common vision of the objectives to be reached and the means to be implemented.